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better by the day

A couple of weeks ago, I sent my husband a celebratory text message:

fat adapted.png

“Gratz Deb!!!” he replied. Almost anyone else I texted with such a message would likely have replied with a “???” but Anthony knew what was up.

Me of five years ago sure wouldn’t have gotten it.

I first started eating clean when sustained exposure to specific toxins made me scarily ill in late 2012. After months of struggling to find effective answers or assistance, I finally discovered that I was experiencing chronic inflammation. I searched for ways to ease inflammation and found It Starts with Food, a book that outlined an anti-inflammatory food program.

I dived in, eating a little healthy fat, a little meat, and a bunch of veggies for each meal. Before long, I felt great. Read more…


39.5 days

I just wrote about how much I do not like proselytizing.
There’s a chance what I wrote below might come off as trying to sell you, but that’s not my intention.
I intend strictly, exclusively, to tell you why I feel so darn good at this exact moment in time,
in a way that doesn’t take me 408 hours to explain.

A few years ago, I changed my eating habits after a serious, months-long health scare following exposure to environmental toxins. Read more…

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The coffee need

On the first day of Lent, I committed to giving up the junk food that’s been my bane for the last many months. I usually eat junk food sparingly, but have been dosing it with myself most evenings since I wrote “my bulimia / my beautiful body” after my last Whole30.

“Junk food” means something different to me than it does to many people. For me, “junk food” is anything not listed on the Whole30 Autoimmune Protocol shopping list. It’s food that leaves me feeling crappier after eating it than I did before, whereas eating food on the list leaves me feeling better.

I usually feel like I’m swimming in rainbows a week or two into eating junk-free.

like this,

Like this, but with so many more rainbows

Not so this time. Read more…

One fine Freshly Pressed day

When it rains, it pours.

Sometimes terrible circumstances converge, making it hard to keep my head above water.

Other times, the rain is a downpour of a feathers and fairy dust. I’m submerged but breathing, and it all feels glorious. Yesterday was just such a day.

I got to spend time with my baby son.

I’ll return to paying work soon, but for now I am able to set the pace of daily life … with some input from my seven-month-old!

Two weeks ago I only got to spend a few waking minutes with him daily. After watching him crawl around my living room and attempt to eat everything at floor level yesterday, Read more…

Whole30 success!


“Congratulations!” cheered the lady behind me in the check-out line. “When are you due?”

“Oh, I already had the baby!” I replied, smiling.

The look of horror on her face passed quickly. Faux pas: in the bag! “How long ago?”

“Two months.”

“That’s a very pretty dress,” she replied, shifting gears to divert my attention.

I wasn’t miffed. I feel great! With only ten hours to go in my second Whole30, I’m down from a size 14/16 to a size 10. My husband is asking me almost daily if I’m sure I’m not pregnant, I’m glowing so. There’s newly returned spring in my step and I no longer get hangry. Just hungry.

This Whole30 was harder than my first. The first time around, I’d already been eating an extremely restricted diet for months; doing so helped manage extreme sensitivities brought on by exposure to environmental toxins. Shifting to Whole30 then meant ditching rice and occasional beers. This time around, it meant giving up my much beloved lemon cupcakes and all manner of delectable but unhealthy delights. Deprived of those, I found myself doing the unthinkable: shopping for distraction.

I do not like shopping. Read more…

Be brave without me

Yesterday I cooked five dishes in one two-hour burst. This wasn’t my idea of fun, but a first practice run.

I go back to work in three weeks. I will be gone almost twelve hours daily, leaving me with just one waking hour each evening to spend with my kiddos.

I want to spend every minute of that with my kids.

Every. Single. One.

So, for now and once each week before returning, I’m building my cooking multitasking muscles by cooking many large dishes in one short burst.


Driving to preschool this morning, still aching at the thought of being separated from my kids so much, I interrupted my four-year-old’s Ninja Turtle drawing. “Soon we won’t have this much time together every morning, so I’m glad we have it now.”

“Are you going back to work?” he inquired, still drawing. Read more…

Nourished, strong and Paleo

Talking food is tricky. We are not only sustained by our food, but emotionally impacted by our relationships with it.

I have been vegetarian. I have briefly gone Atkins, sharing a steak-laden summer with my then similarly inclined brother. I have been vegan, a way of eating that then felt right and filled me with peace. I am grateful for vegans, although I no longer am one.

People make food choices for a variety of reasons, within the contexts and experiences of their lives so far. I fault no one (save, perhaps, cannibals!) their food choices, because I cannot quickly grasp the intricacies of their lives or souls any more than they can do so mine. Read more…

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