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in the fold

These days, I understand so many things without (hope of) words.

When I do finally find the words to express something I’ve recently understood, I learn even more. My understanding changes, so that my newfound words are rendered useless before even uttered.

This might sound maddening, or at least frustrating, but it’s far from that.

It’s cause for celebration.

‘Cause, among the vocabulary I’ve learned the last year, I learned one especially important phrase: “the Platonic fold.” This is the vast gap between what humans know (precious little) and what we think we know. Many people seem unaware such a gap exists, so that even finding the words brought me such joy: This is something other people have noticed!

In the fold, there’s the prospect of all kinds of wondrous discoveries ahead. Adventures I can’t yet fathom. New understandings yet to dawn.

It’s so thrilling, I can’t hope to express it.

So, instead, I will tell you this: for all I don’t (and may never) know, there are a couple of things I do. Foremost among these is that friends and family make the journey.

I don’t know what’s ahead, or even now, but I’m sure I’ll enjoy the company.

How could I not?

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