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la próxima vez

In July, I wrote that I was excited to study German again. I enjoyed eavesdropping on a couple of coworkers shooting the breeze, and occasionally joining in with my incredibly rusty college German.

In August, I reconsidered. I definitely wanted to study a language, but was German really the one to study first?

I listened to conversations around me and realized how many of them are in Spanish. I realized I’d be able to interact with many more people day-to-day with even a basic grasp of Spanish. Also, I remembered promising my “Peruvian sister” I’d learn Spanish, a promise about a decade stale.

I started studying Spanish. I’ve already used it to hold a few conversations with some folks who know less English than I know Spanish.

Last week, I was introduced to a phrase that sounded so musical, I wanted to say it over and over and over again: la próxima vez. Next time.

I don’t have many ways to use this phrase yet, but that’s OK. The one I can think of is enough for now.

Hasta la próxima vez,

I will spend my moments awaiting

the next time Silver Star, Darth, and I

are face to face


My sister, the author

Silver Star just published a novel!

Wait, what? Silver Star? Who’s Silver Star?

You mean you don’t know?! Why, she’s my just younger sister! You might recall that I once wrote a post about how I’d love her more if she’d blog? No? For those of a more literal bent, I also reference her as “Rache” or “Rachael” in, oh, 10-15% of my posts.

So she wrote a book, huh? 

Yep. It’s called Waking Dreams, and you can find it here. It’s even free right now!

She is an ASNAC nerd, a Portlander, her own kind of Wonder Woman, and, always, always, my Silver Star.

rache me mid-80s

Silver Star, aka Rachael Wolfgang, answered a few questions for me. My questions are in bold. Her answers are in not-bold, which is not to say she’s not herself bold. It’s just a formatting thing. Trust me. (Why not?) Read more…

Weekend Coffee Share: My sister’s lovely snores

If we were having coffee, I’d ask you why you were out and about so late. I’d explain that I’ve only slipped out briefly while my younger sister, Rache (aka “Silver Star“), sleeps on my couch. She’ll be headed back home almost as soon as she arrived, but the quickness of her trip doesn’t change the warmth left in its wake. Home feels even more like home when filled by traces of certain loved ones’ presence, I’d say with the hint of a smile, already looking forward to hearing my sister’s snores for a few more hours.

I’d tell you how we didn’t do much, and about how very perfect was our laziness. I’d say we slept only in alternating fits on Friday nights, talking through most of Unfriended and Cinderella, and laugh when saying I made it through only ten minutes of Avengers: Age of Ultron before taking a late-night nap. Me, sleep through a superhero movie and stay awake for Cinderella?! I wouldn’t have believed it myself, had I not been there, done that! Read more…

Three Things Thursday

Each Thursday, Nerd in the Brain writes about three things for which she’s thankful. Today I’m following suit.

1. My son didn’t earn TV time yesterday. He began writing a story instead. Though inspired by something he’d watched, he created instead of consuming.

Each has its place, but as a parent, I love witnessing each (messy, endearing) act of creation.


2. Yesterday I met someone who was so inspiring, I left our discussion feeling like I could build a rocket and fly to the moon if I set my mind on it. I couldn’t pinpoint any one thing–or number of things–she said or did to inspire that sensation, but I decided I don’t need to understand it to enjoy it.

I think maybe I’ll try creating more of that in the world instead of flying to the moon. There’s more day-to-day good in that here on earth! (Also, practically speaking, it’s more in line with skill sets I’ve already developed, so the time investment isn’t nearly so great.)

3. My younger sister is visiting this weekend! YES!!!!!!!!!!

Wearing experiences

I like getting rid of stuff.

Recently, I realized I’ve pared my t-shirt drawer down as far as I can.

What’s left are shirts that are more than shirts to me: They’re reminders of bygone experiences, and who I was when I had them.

tshirt spread

My mom sent me the Ducks sweatshirt my first year of law school. She’d picked it up from a garage sale, like she did most the owls she sent me. She didn’t want me to forget where I came from. Or her. Read more…

Lifted into the light

“How do we get the medicine on her?” Rache asked after we received it.

Our mom didn’t want medicine as she died. She’d cut herself in younger days; the physical pain felt more real, more justifiable, than her emotional pain. In her final days, I think it felt like a reminder she was still alive, still strong enough to endure any pain short of death.

None of us doubted her strength. We’d witnessed it firsthand for decades. Mom’s pain was evident, and excruciating, and we chose to ease it.

“I’ll ask if she wants to watch me nurse D,” I said. “She loves that. With Mom focused on that, you can give her a back rub and slip on the patch.” Read more…

Lost Tree, Found Girl

rache me mid-80sMy younger sister’s poem “Lost Tree, Found Girl” sent my mind and heart spinning today.

I spun through time and space, until I was sitting with my still-little sister in the lowest branches of my favorite. To her older and still quiet, black-adorned high school self. To Cambridge scholar. To mom, neither little or especially quiet; though she still favors contemplation, she’s ready and willing to roar whenever–and at whomever–deserves it.

Her heart has always had a special place in my own. Today, remembering the two of us sitting up in that tree, I was more glad to have had that tree-time than sad it’s over. I was so glad, in fact, that I recorded a vlog to sing you all about it.

I no longer sit in the tree, but I can still sit with the girl.

That’s worth another song, if I ever get ’round to writing songs again.*

Read more…

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