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my wings have grown

thumbnail_2hofu12.jpgGathering pictures 
to present on my time in Japan,
I found a photo of myself
in front of the floating torii
of Miyajima

I was there. Of course
I remember my awe
standing before
that gate (between
the profane and
the sacred); still,
seeing myself
there inspired
a rush

That all really
happened! I didn’t
just dream it!
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it doesn’t take being president

Music refuels,
while noise

I remembered this
when a post I’d
forgotten I’d
went live

it is everywhere.

I want
to make

So I will
make some
music, speaking not
of what depletes me,
but singing what
brings me joy,
and fills me

that’s this guy
named Bernie,
who turned
upside down
I knew
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Lost Tree, Found Girl

rache me mid-80sMy younger sister’s poem “Lost Tree, Found Girl” sent my mind and heart spinning today.

I spun through time and space, until I was sitting with my still-little sister in the lowest branches of my favorite. To her older and still quiet, black-adorned high school self. To Cambridge scholar. To mom, neither little or especially quiet; though she still favors contemplation, she’s ready and willing to roar whenever–and at whomever–deserves it.

Her heart has always had a special place in my own. Today, remembering the two of us sitting up in that tree, I was more glad to have had that tree-time than sad it’s over. I was so glad, in fact, that I recorded a vlog to sing you all about it.

I no longer sit in the tree, but I can still sit with the girl.

That’s worth another song, if I ever get ’round to writing songs again.*

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To be free

A new year nears,
And I wonder:
What dreams
Dare I seek?

In asking, I find
The things I want
Aren’t things
That can be
Store bought, or
Grasped with my hands

They are:
Seeing (the better to know)
Knowing (the better to change)
Changing (the better to uplift)
Uplifting (the better to soar)
Soaring (the better
To show my sons
What it is like
To be free)


Here is to our taking flight in 2015!

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