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better by the day

A couple of weeks ago, I sent my husband a celebratory text message:

fat adapted.png

“Gratz Deb!!!” he replied. Almost anyone else I texted with such a message would likely have replied with a “???” but Anthony knew what was up.

Me of five years ago sure wouldn’t have gotten it.

I first started eating clean when sustained exposure to specific toxins made me scarily ill in late 2012. After months of struggling to find effective answers or assistance, I finally discovered that I was experiencing chronic inflammation. I searched for ways to ease inflammation and found It Starts with Food, a book that outlined an anti-inflammatory food program.

I dived in, eating a little healthy fat, a little meat, and a bunch of veggies for each meal. Before long, I felt great. Read more…


Nourished, strong and Paleo

Talking food is tricky. We are not only sustained by our food, but emotionally impacted by our relationships with it.

I have been vegetarian. I have briefly gone Atkins, sharing a steak-laden summer with my then similarly inclined brother. I have been vegan, a way of eating that then felt right and filled me with peace. I am grateful for vegans, although I no longer am one.

People make food choices for a variety of reasons, within the contexts and experiences of their lives so far. I fault no one (save, perhaps, cannibals!) their food choices, because I cannot quickly grasp the intricacies of their lives or souls any more than they can do so mine. Read more…

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