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The unemployed assistant director

My husband is an assistant director.

It’s been fifty weeks since he got his promotion call. He’s worked pretty steadily since, a lucky thing in Hollywood.

wrap-party star

Right now he’s between jobs. This isn’t surprising; summer shows number fewer than fall ones. You’ll likely have noticed this if you watch any TV at all. I personally notice the absence of Castle, Brooklyn Nine-nine and Blackish as I count down the days until new Key & Peele lands on Hulu. Read more…


10 years ago today

Do you ever get to wondering where–and who–you were this very day on past years? I do.

Lucky for me, I have 19.92 years of blogs to peruse when this wondering strikes me. Unlucky for me, 19.92 years is a lot of time to write things that make current-me cringe and want to reach into the past to whack past-me upside the head.

Reading what I wrote from Japan ten years ago today is utterly perplexing. Today my life is husband and kids and software contracts and long drives and always juggling, juggling, juggling. It’s full and overwhelming and lovelier than anything I ever thought I wanted.

But before? Before, it was … stuff like you’ll see below. I showed it to my husband, who said, “Life is better now!”

I thought he was going to say, “Because you have us!” What he actually said prompted Consternation Face.

Moments like this pass quickly

Look! My Creepy Face!

“Now you get to actually go to wrap parties instead of watching from the sidelines!”

Oh, sweet husband, you missed the point entirely! Yes, life is better now.

But it’s not because of wrap parties or Hollywood, sweet one.

It’s because of you and our wonderful little boys.

Semi-random premiere memories
May 21, 2005 Read more…

5,000 Shades of Green

I was working on one of my favorite TV shows when a fellow extra started chatting with me.

I was intrigued by her accent, and asked her where she was from.

When she said Russia, I wowed her with my Russian. By which I mean, “We conversed in Russian until I exhausted my skills 30 seconds later.”

I told her I’d studied Russian for two terms in college.

My face was turned toward the extra, but my eyes were on the nearby lead actress. Read more…

No address needed

I met J through Buffy the Vampire Slayer forums.

Our online friendship became an offline one when she visited Los Angeles my second or third year of law school.

She stayed at my apartment. She didn’t complain when I abandoned her to work as a “goth” extra on Crossing Jordan. She kept herself busy in ways I’ve long since forgotten, and then took pictures of me when I returned. I’d booked another day working as a goth on Alias and was determined to leave in my snazzy ‘do.

Her pictures were beautiful. They captured a me who’d never before existed in the external world.



Read more…

Congratulations, Husband!

We’ve known it was coming for three months.

Knowing it was coming didn’t prepare us for the thrill of its actually arriving.

It’s official. And I love, just love, the little boy in the background for whom all the fuss over a little card is incomprehensible. He has a new toy, y’all!

dga ant

Congratulations, Husband!
Way to persevere. ♥

My new favorite show

“We’ve all gotta start somewhere,” a bartender told my husband on Friday evening.

My husband had just named the show he’s assistant directing. It took him a moment to realize the bartender didn’t think working on a kids TV show–even an Emmy nominated one–was real directing work.

I’ve gotten the same comment from a couple of friends, who’ve said things like, “He went from The Big Bang Theory to that? Ouch!” Read more…

My husband’s mistress

My husband worked on The Big Bang Theory for several years, giving me plenty opportunity to visit with and get to know his coworkers there. I only ever remembered two or three names, but didn’t need to remember names to feel at home there.

baby dragon

My husband has jumped between shows the last few years. It’s allowed him to build his career into something bigger and better, but it’s also made it hard for me to visit him.

I’ve missed the sense of connection to what he does and where he does it. Day after day, we see each other for twenty bleary minutes in the morning before he disappears to spend fifteen or sixteen hours with his mistress, his work. I’ve grumbled about his job and cursed its long hours as I’ve crawled into bed alone.

Today I had a chance to visit him for the first time in a few years. After running errands, I hauled my kids north and shuffled them into the studio where their dad spends most his waking hours.

My five-year-old, Li’l D, and his daddy sat side by side in director chairs.
Read more…

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