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Celebrating life: Tears, love, and one tiny suit

I braved the garage to search for the handful of items left over from my son’s baby days.

Every item he wore was special to me, but I donated most everything to avoid clutter. I saved just one small box of about one cubed foot.

Sitting cross legged on the floor in front of the navy box, I pulled out the first few items. Each brought back memories of my son when he was still so, so very new to me. I smiled and traced my fingers over each until I reached a favorite I just had to photograph.

bear suit

I continued through my sorting-and-remembering journey until I reached the bottom of a second bin full of older boys’ clothing given my husband by one of his Big Bang Theory coworkers. There, beneath all the stuff much more recently worn by my son, I found a tiny suit.

mom suit

Tears welled in my eyes as I placed the suit on my lap, closed my eyes and remembered. I remembered walking through the kids aisles at Ross in search of a suit my son would too soon wear to a one-time event: Read more…

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