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good company

D’s 5th birthday

Three years ago,
my oldest son celebrated
his fifth birthday
with friends.

I was
so thankful
he didn’t know
what it meant to be
one of the odd ones.

he celebrated his
eighth birthday, still
side-by-side with
the little boy
from his 5th

He’s lost touch
with the little girl,

It’s okay.
He’s not

He’s here,
now, and just
so happy to be
here, now, in such
good company.

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Seven years as Mama

My sons’ great grandma is 81 years old.

She knows that Disneyland holds a special place in my older son’s heart. For the first five years of Li’l D’s life, we shared many sweet memories there.

Great Grandma’s birthday gift to Li’l D was a family day at Disneyland. Since Great-Great can’t make the trek anymore, she asked for pictures–lots of pictures–of both her grandsons having a blast.

disney duck butt.png

Also, tiny Donald Duck

The day was equally full of sweets and sweet moments. The best of the latter were short, brilliant flashes: Littler J’s shining face as he swung ’round and ’round on the Mater ride. Li’l D howling joy as we rode California Screamin’ for the first time in ages, and then again the second time, and every other time afterward. The moment where I looked up at my big boy and saw a glimpse of the man he’s becoming.

disney lil d seven.png

“Dude, Mom, it’s just a truck.”

My heart was full before I met Li’l D seven years ago, sure. It’s just that it was a full cup. Now, thanks to both my boys, it’s the largest pool in the world … and yet still, somehow, overflowing.

One very happy Tribus

Another day,
I might choose
three very different things
meaningful and moving to me.

my older son
held his sixth birthday party.
So, today, these are three things
so prominent in my heart
it’s impossible to think
much beyond them.

why would I want to?


My senior year of college, I took a stress relief seminar for upper level credit. I didn’t expect to get anything more than credit from it.

I smirked when the instructor said rainbows and bubbles both ease stress. Sure they do! But when she brought out bubbles and rainbow pictures, I realized she was right. I was absorbed completely by rainbows and especially bubbles, which shine rainbow colors in the right light.

I watched bubbles drifting through the air today and felt that calm rippling through me. I watched my toddler, Littler J, try to catch bubbles Ra blew and thought how perfect life is made by seemingly simple things. Read more…

Another first at Farrell’s

There were few traditions in my childhood home.

One I cherished was birthdays at an ice cream shop called Farrell’s, where they’d serenade me with drums, singing and a free sundae.

I celebrated my first birthday there in Oregon.

My oldest son, Li’l D, celebrated his first birthday at a Farrell’s in SoCal. Read more…

The odd ones

Five years of (not so little) Li’l D

Five years ago a handful of hours from now, I held my newborn baby in my arms and felt the wonder of loving someone so new so immensely.

thank you, Li'l D, for making a mom of me

I’ve watched that tiny baby grow into a little boy, my Li’l D, first smiling, than laughing, then toddling, then running, and now capable of so much I can barely believe it. Didn’t I just bring him home from the hospital?

For almost exactly five years now, I have
fed him
bathed him
changed his diapers
changed his clothing
wept to see my dying mom hold him
walked with him
run with him
let him go
welcomed him back Read more…

Gentle suggestions for my perfect 34th birthday present

“A shoulder massage sure would be nice right now . . .”

“You know what would help you build strength? Giving me a long foot rub. You should work on that. For you. (You’re welcome.)”

“Are those idle hands? You know what they say about idle hands–”
“Yes, I will play with your hair, Deb.”

My fiancee, Ba.D., is treated to statements like the above anywhere between five and 200 times a week. He knows even more keenly than you my fondness for much communication. Yet somehow, despite my gentle reminders about his keeping pleasantly (for me) busy, he has decided I am difficult to buy presents for. Read more…

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