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Did I write that?

I could write a beautiful, poignant 1,000-word version of this post that’d keep me from my kids for a couple hours. Alternatively, I could write a more succinct, less illuminating version that takes me only ten minutes. I’m opting for the latter.

My sister Rache and I are very similar in some ways. She’s an ASNAC nerd who took me to the Jorvik Viking Center on my one trip to England, so we definitely diverge in some ways, but … in many ones where it counts, we’re clearly cut from the same cloth. Read more…

Li’l D’s pride in earning

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Eyes on the prize

My six-year-old doesn’t like to write.

My husband and I were surprised and thrilled, then, when he asked to start a blog.

We were so thrilled, we offered him a Kindle* if he’d write fourteen days in a row.

He was so stoked, he wrote for this many consecutive days:


On Saturday, Li’l D accompanied me to the shop to have my busted Kindle repaired. After the shop deemed it irreparable, I got a credit for a replacement.

I stood in line with Li’l D and my new Kindle for a minute before revelation struck:

  • I don’t need a device. I now have the app on my husband’s old tablet.
  • Li’l D really wants a device.
  • I can use my credit to get him his Kindle!

I swapped my adult Kindle for a kids version, returning to line with one ecstatic kid.

Back in our car, Li’l D started writing the moment after he buckled his seat belt.

He’s written every day since.

Apparently, having the prize in sight makes all the difference for the reluctant six-year-old writer!

* Like his cousin’s, over which he’s swooned for months

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Li’l D’s first blog

A month or two ago, I sat in a tiny chair at a tiny desk and chatted with my older son’s first grade teacher.

Li’l D’s best grades were in Science and Religion. His worst–but still decent–grade was in … writing. (I know, right?!)

I told his teacher I wasn’t concerned, and that I felt he’d find his own groove in his own time. I explained that I’d spent huge chunks of his earlier years trying to force skills upon him before he was ready for them, and that this frustrated all while benefiting none. In fact, he flourished more the further back I stood.

Yesterday he asked if he could start a blog. Delighted, his dad and I helped him create one.* His inaugural post was two sentences; today’s post, five (related!) sentences.

I have a feeling he’s likelier to find fondness for writing here in the broadness of the blogosphere than from the narrow confines of a student desk.

I look forward to witnessing his writing journey, though I’ll support him just the same
if he only posts twice ever and continues favoring science and religion!

* We’ll even give him the password in five or ten years!

what song tomorrow

Weekend Coffee Share: Patchwork Umbrellas

If we were having coffee today, I’d tell you how glad I am to be meeting in a coffee shop for the first time in months. It’s so good for me to spend time here, at a place that reminds me how it feels to be Deborah-as-Deborah, taking a break from being Deborah-as-mom, Deborah-as-wife, Deborah-as-worker, Deborah-as-commuter, or any of the other roles I play. Here at the coffee shop, I get to just be for a while. I like coffee, but this is way better than coffee.

That’s enough about me for now. What have you been up to? What’s been on your mind?

After listening and interjecting questions, I’d tell you that I thought I had nothing to say when I climbed into my car this morning. My week was fairly quiet. I’d tell you how I realized as I drove that plenty has transpired–much of it in my internal world–since we last met. Read more…

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