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Poop slippers, pictorally

Last night, I wrote about winning the real prize at yesterday’s office holiday party: poop slippers. I forgot to include the picture in last night’s post, so here it is:


As I picked up my phone to post the picture above, I saw another picture worth taking and sharing.

Since I’m “making my SoCal husband cold,” he’s using his old Cthulhu hat to keep his head warm.


In a house full of morning people, one stands the lone night owl. Which one, hmm?!

Everything about this tickles me!

Happy weekend, y’all.

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Weekend Coffee Share: This silly scaredy-cat

If we were having coffee today, I’d sip sparkling water since I’ve already had my daily coffee.

I’d inquire how you’re doing, asking as few or many follow-up question as you seemed interested in fielding.

It might take me a little while to figure out what to say about my own week. After all, I already told you about my younger son’s growing ability to communicate with spoken words, my new job, and my brother’s impending graduation. What’s left to say?

I’d probably tell you about my surprising reaction to the movie Krampus. If you’d polled me right after I left the theater last night, I’d have described it as grim, but not necessarily scary. And yet, I’d say with the hint of a smile, I was filled with dread when I drove up to my house and saw all the lights were off. I walked up to the front porch ready to turn on inside lights as quickly as possible, but opened the door to the darkness, looked at the first lamp ten feet away and said, “Hell, no!” I quickly closed the door and began strolling around my neighborhood, returning home only when my husband told me he was moments away. Read more…

Thunder Thighs & a victory most malodorous

Victo Dolore’s recent post on sad times in school lunchrooms reminded me of my own like experiences. I was always one of the odd ones out. I remembered my mom’s like tales, too, and a post I’d written remembering those.

I think my mom–aka Thunder Thighs, my favorite superhero–would have loved its ending.

like my mom


A Victory Most Malodorous
September 10, 2015

Tonight, my older son asked me to tell him “the story about the cat and the dog.”

“Which story?” I asked him. “This isn’t ringing a bell. Could you give me a little more detail to remind me?”

“The one where the dog brings the cat milk.” Read more…

My breakdancing manager

If you’re like me, you can envision hundreds of horrifying outcomes to any situation. This includes mundane things like tying shoelaces, eating a sandwich, or blinking. There are potential disasters in everything! The possibility one of them might occur fills you with dread.

I have a trick for subduing my dread. It might work for you.

I used it today.

I had to meet my manager to discuss a schedule change I’d proposed. The amount I wanted the schedule change was very, very high, which meant my dread engine was running even harder than usual.

Until …

Instead of asking “What’s the worst that could happen?” I remembered to ask, “Of all the things that could happen, which are actually likely?”


In many situations, thinking in probabilities is much kinder–to yourself–than thinking in possibilities.

But, hey, it’s good to imagine the possibilities, too! I’ve smiled all day, imagining my manager breakdancing.

No address needed

I met J through Buffy the Vampire Slayer forums.

Our online friendship became an offline one when she visited Los Angeles my second or third year of law school.

She stayed at my apartment. She didn’t complain when I abandoned her to work as a “goth” extra on Crossing Jordan. She kept herself busy in ways I’ve long since forgotten, and then took pictures of me when I returned. I’d booked another day working as a goth on Alias and was determined to leave in my snazzy ‘do.

Her pictures were beautiful. They captured a me who’d never before existed in the external world.



Read more…

The rest is commentary

You probably think I’m a pretty serious person, and it’s true. I am. I would love to heal this world’s ills.

But underneath all my seriousness, I like to laugh. It’s why I made ridiculous animated GIFs throughout law school.

dancin' all the way to orygun!

It’s why I also opted to be an extra on my favorite shows in law school. Given a choice between studying torts and running away from giant tentacled beasts, how could I say “no” to Torts?

Don't go there!

Li’l D bears witness to my bygone diligence

I am constantly drawing stick figure comics in my head. Read more…

My blog’s search terms are scarier than yours

Most folks who read my blog are bloggers.

A handful of others got here by searching for a particular word or phrase. After peeking around, they decided to stay awhile.

I love posts about funny search termsI meant to write one of my own. Unfortunately, most my blog’s search terms are either appropriately earnest or scary pornographic. I want to erase those latter ones from my own memory, so I’m sparing you the scarring and avoiding them here. (My mom might have chosen a different superhero name if she’d known!)

This search term landscape called for a different plan. I’m still going to share search terms. I’m just going to share–in order of number of times they’ve led folks here–the most frequently occuring ones instead of the funniest ones.

  • 2,073 searches — “katniss”

I wrote a throwaway post about liking Katniss in the Hunger Games movie. I deleted it out of grouchiness that something so irrelevant should be The Great Beacon to my blog. Because, y’know, I’m opposed to people finding it.

  • bunches — “TMiYC bullying” (and similar)

I deleted these ones accidentally and could still kick myself for it.

  • 10/30/11: Reading While Walking revisitedbunches — “reading while walking” (and similar)

I’m the expert. WordPress made it so by Freshly Pressing this one. ‘Cause that’s how experts are made!

  • 67 searches — “one of those hideous books where the mother dies”

I accidentally deleted this post about one of my favorite YA books. Read it! (Pick up Stop Pretending while you’re at it …)

  • 43 searches — “irrelevant” and “your belief is irrelevant”

Oh, yeah, baby! This is me. Read more…

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