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Wait for It

Same as every other Sunday, my family began our weekly shopping early.

Unlike most Sundays, we first stopped by the bookstore so I could buy a hard copy of Ready Player One (upon multiple recommendations).

On our way to the cash register, my husband, Anthony, pointed out one particular display to me: “Hey, it’s the book that inspired Hamilton.”

If you’d asked me three months ago whether I’d read a book on Alexander Hamilton for fun, I’d have said no, but only after laughing. A lot.

Then, two months ago, one of the bloggers I follow posted links to a couple of songs from a show called Hamilton. I can’t even remember which one I listened to or who posted it (so sorry!/thank you!), but I clicked through to one of the songs and listened. Anthony quickly joined me at my computer and we listened together.

“How have I not heard of this?” I asked him, as if I’ve watched more than a single musical (Wicked) live. Anthony’s the musical lover in this house. Read more…


Weekend Coffee Share: The Final Girls

bubble 3If we were having coffee today, I’d ask if I could fumble through where I’m at before settling into contentedly listening to you. I’d much rather listen than talk these days. Truthfully, I’d really rather retreat to my closet and recharge there for about a month than just about anything else right now, and emerge only to spend time with my favorite little boys. That’s not an option, so …

You might have already picked up on that I’ve been feeling spread extra thin lately based on my reflections about others’ expectations and introversion earlier this week. There is constant stimulation and change around me, and the early week respite I’d hoped to help energize and keep me going appears to have vanished. So I must preserve what little energy I have, which I do–in part–by listening more than speaking.

Still, people often think you’re cold or inaccessible if you don’t speak at all, so I’d tell you I’ve been finding bits of energy in little things like my six-year-old son’s newfound love of Bad Kitty books. He laughs uproariously at least once every couple of chapters, and I’m in a similar boat. I’m excited that he can laugh so much while learning about things like the election process.

In things like my nineteen-month-old speaking up more words every day. Until the last couple of weeks, he’s been much more interested in signing than speaking with his mouth. He’s previously mostly used signs to express himself and his mouth to shriek when upset. The last week, he’s spoken new words like “apple,” “water,” and “gramma.” I’m enjoying listening him learn to express himself with a little more nuance than are afforded by ear-splitting shrieks of rage. Read more…

The unemployed assistant director

My husband is an assistant director.

It’s been fifty weeks since he got his promotion call. He’s worked pretty steadily since, a lucky thing in Hollywood.

wrap-party star

Right now he’s between jobs. This isn’t surprising; summer shows number fewer than fall ones. You’ll likely have noticed this if you watch any TV at all. I personally notice the absence of Castle, Brooklyn Nine-nine and Blackish as I count down the days until new Key & Peele lands on Hulu. Read more…

Between the grave and perfection

I was sixteen when I wrote my first blog twenty years ago tomorrow. image

I already wrote my twenty-year bloggingversary post, but there is so much more in my heart as my family and I drive back from Legoland.

When I wrote that first blog, I had just graduated high school. I’d already spent time living away from home. I’d long since held my first jobs as a Chinese restaurant hostess and McDonald’s grill girl. Read more…

Making movies just like Daddy

My older son watched the movie Super 8 today.

It features a young filmmaker corralling his friends into making movies with him.

I found the young filmmakers adorable. My son found them enchanting, and asked all kinds of questions about filming as the movie progressed. He knew his dad “makes dogs talk” for film, but the specifics weren’t too clear to him.

He seemed fascinated by filmmaking, so I asked if he wanted to make a movie of his own.

Did he ever!

Read more…

My favorite director

2015-04-27 09.42.42My husband became an assistant director last August.

He’s worked with many directors since then.

I know only one director by name: Bob.

He’s my favorite.

I don’t really have any idea what he does, to be honest.

I don’t know if he’s won or will win any awards.

What I do know is that he’s fast.

If Bob’s directing, chances are I’ll actually see my husband in the evening instead of being three hours asleep when he finally gets home.

I really like seeing my husband.

(I might not always show it, but it’s true!)

Ergo, I like Bob.

A lot.

Apologies to anyone seeing this twice.
See comments for explanation.

Congratulations, Husband!

We’ve known it was coming for three months.

Knowing it was coming didn’t prepare us for the thrill of its actually arriving.

It’s official. And I love, just love, the little boy in the background for whom all the fuss over a little card is incomprehensible. He has a new toy, y’all!

dga ant

Congratulations, Husband!
Way to persevere. ♥

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