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believing in you

My three-year-old awakened me with howls for water. He’s got a flu, and told me after he’d sipped water that his “room is tipping over.” I explained that the room isn’t actually moving; he’s something we call “dizzy.”

He’s asleep again, but it’s hard for me to fall asleep again after being startled awake by howling. I ended up reading my last post, about Paul Farmer’s Pathologies of Power. And, oh, boy, did I get its tone wrong!

It basically ended up sounding like an accusation (you meanies!) instead of an exultation (he not only gets it, but explains it beautifully!). It was focused so heavily on what came before that there was no room left over for what comes next.

I’m sorry.

Of course, none of us have any control now over what came before. It’s done and gone. This means that revisiting the past is only useful if/when it helps guide what we do tomorrow, next week, or next month, to start. In my opinion, that makes it not only useless but counterproductive to dwell on yesterday for yesterday’s sake.

Nah. Let’s briefly visit yesterday for tomorrow’s sake! That’s where possibility (versus unproductive flagellation) lies.

See, my second to last post was about pursuing collective success. I wondered what I can do to be a part of such success: a tomorrow where the forceful resource-hoarding “success” of a very, very few (a fraction of a percent of the world’s population) isn’t at the expense of everyone else’s failure to survive.

One thing I can do to harm chances of collective success is get stuck on/in yesterday, the unchangeable. When I do that, I’ve taken time and resources from building up people and possibilities.

I went through a period where I thought everything was hopeless. I figured it was already too late for change.

I’m not there anymore. I’ve read Solnit, Zinn, Taleb, and Yahmatta-Taylor, among others, and see so much that is profoundly hopeful.

Today, I believe in you. I believe in us. I believe we don’t need to–and won’t–accept constraining tomorrow based on what was yesterday. That belief’s what I want to write, live, breathe.

So enough about yesterday. What are we gonna do today? Tomorrow?

I see the love in hearts around me, and so I believe: there’s a good chance we’re gonna make it great.


Perfect time for busting out this 2012 image

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