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less a nightmare, more a dream

Yesterday, I had a short but inspiring conversation with my colleague and good friend, C. At the end of our call, I told him that (1) I no longer consider “perspective” a noun, but a verb, (2) I so appreciate his skill at perspectiving, and (3) my life and perspectiving skills are both greatly improved because of how he models perspectiving.

I have the feeling our conversation shaped a dream I had last night.

In my dream, I awakened. I was in a world much like this one, but I couldn’t find my husband or sons. This world is so much like mine, there have to be versions of them here, too! I thought. I frantically searched for them, eventually falling into a weary sleep.

I awakened in yet another new-to-me world that was a little less similar to this one, but similar enough that I remained determined to find my family. When I fell asleep in-dream again, I hoped I’d find my family the next day.

I woke up in still another world, frustrated and disheartened that I could find neither my family nor my native world.

After another three or four in-dream awakenings in new worlds, I was heartbroken by the prospect I could continue surfing through worlds without ever finding my family. There didn’t appear to be a single thing I could do to force an awakening in my world.

What to do, then? Why, I decided, trust that my family was safe and sound in our own world, and enjoy all the to-me oddities of these other worlds while surfing through them. (When, after all, would I find domesticated pet dragons in my own?!)

With that change in mindset, my dream became less a nightmare. I began worrying less about being in the wrong world and being more invested in enjoying what was.

When I did finally awaken from the dream, in my own world, I was elated. I was glad to be with my family again, but also glad to have actually enjoyed so many new worlds while I was elsewhere.

And I smiled, thinking about my last conversation with C. It seemed as if the tendrils of that conversation had stretched themselves into my dream, nudging me in new–and much more enjoyable–directions.

Last night, a conversation shaped my dream. Today, a dream is shaping how I greet the day: with the sense that anything at all might be possible … if I’m open to those possibilities.

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  1. November 18, 2017 at 9:01 am

    I like your way of greeting the new day, Deborah 🙂

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