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Star Trek & my irrepressible mom

My husband and I are trying to make our television a peripheral part of our family life.

While waiting for TV time to start this morning, I pulled out my handwritten journal. I’ve been using it since late 2008, before I was pregnant with my now seven-year-old, Li’l D.

Li’l D sat on my lap as I prepared to write my first 2017 entry. He read my first few sentences aloud before asking to see some old entries.

I found a 2009 movie ticket that made me smile. “This is from the first time I felt you move! There were lots of explosions in this movie, but for some reason, you jumped so much for one that I jumped out of my seat.”

“It’s true,” his dad called from another room. “She did.”

I told Li’l D that my mom loved Star Trek, which he immediately confused with Star Wars.

“They’re different,” I told him. “My mom liked both, but she really loved Star Trek, and its oh-so-super-hot William Shatner.”

Li’l D asked me to read the entry nearest his birth. I showed him the sticker from when I was admitted to the hospital to deliver him, but then got quiet when I saw the actual next entry.

It was from my last entry as a non-orphan. Understandably, Li’l D didn’t want to hear the whole thing.

By the time I concluded my entry, Li’l D and his brother were watching TV. And me? I was sitting with my journal, remembering what it felt like to sit and watch Star Trek with my irrepressible mom.

  1. January 3, 2017 at 4:16 am

    What a lovely thing to be able to share. I can’t remember the last time I wrote in my paper journal, which is rather sad. Maybe I’ll try again.

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