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See the evil, fight the evil

Yesterday, a friend asked how I felt about U.S. election results.

“Cautiously optimistic,” I replied. “We’ve barely noticed erosion of our civil liberties because it’s been so incremental. This way, it won’t be gradual at all. It’ll be stark, and startling, and people will be broken from their complacency. This needs to happen so we can pass on a habitable world to our kids.”

My friend later said she’d been using me an example of an intelligent Trump supporter to help quell panic among her other friends.

I laughed–’cause I get this a lot–and said, “Oh, no! I’m not a Trump supporter. I voted for Bernie. But when people ask me about my take between the two leading candidates, I explain that research led me to conclude Trump represents the lesser of two evils. I couldn’t vote for either evil, though.”

She replied, “Oh! Phew! That makes a lot more sense!”

To many of my friends, the words “Trump is the lesser of two evils” are bizzare, incomprehensible words.

Six months ago, I witnessed signs of widespread, democracy-subverting election rigging by Democrats.

Leaked emails released in late July confirmed the rigging, but vaguely.

The Podesta Emails, which have been released at least daily for the last month, showed a much more ominous, deeper rigging than I’d even begun to fathom in July: DNC collusion with Google for at least two years to provide targeted, personally identifiable voter data; the DNC’s planned installation of Hillary specifically since 2014; collusion with mainstream media outlets that led them to prop up Hillary; direct orchestration with PACs and foreign donors; countless other indicators of democracy being deeply and intentionally subverted to meet the demands of of a very small group of very wealthy individuals.

Leaked emails revealed Hillary’s fondness for worker-crushing free trade, appreciation for fracking (environmental activists need to “get a life,” she told banker recipients of one of her many paid speeches), and lack of connection with middle class people whose realities so vastly differ from her own.

Coupled with Hillary’s horrifying actions against, among others, Libya, Syria, Honduras, and Haiti, and with the knowledge U.S. elites have backed murderous coups worldwide to prop up U.S. capitalism, I was chilled by the repercussions to the U.S. voter no longer being represented.

U.S. voters were being given two choices: one clearly repugnant, and another repugnant behind a thin veil of matronly politeness.

My brother once told me of Tolkien’s Middle Earth works that malevolent Sauron was once beautiful. After he repeatedly used his beauty to conceal his true and terrible nature, he was made ugly, never to appear beautiful–to the detriment of the world–again.

To me, everything I’d read indicated U.S. voters had a choice of two Saurons: one with a lovely visage, and another whose ugliness was quite plain.

We are close to facing extinction level climate change. There are ample indications we can’t expect that change to follow a linear progression, which means that change may accelerate to our childrens’ detriment at any moment.

We must work immediately to circumvent this.

Unfortunately, people are willfully terrible at recognizing evil when it looks pretty. We look away because we conflate good with good-looking, kind with tactically kind-acting.

To me, then, the only chance we adults had of saving Earth for our children was election of the evil most apparent.

The other way, we would almost certainly have walked ourselves over the edge of extinction, not noticing because the evil presented itself so very civilly.

Electing Trump meant seeing the environmental and social evils of resource- and human-destructive capitalist globalization. Seeing it means inspiration to fight for the world and for our children while there’s a chance our efforts may succeed.

While I did not vote for Trump in a system with more than two candidates, I would have voted with him in a system with only two, because the evil we allow ourselves to see is evil we can fight.

Please prepare to organize.

Prepare to act.

Prepare to love your brother, no matter his politics.

Prepare to save this world, for our kids, because our kids are worth the fight.

This 11/10/16 post transferred from L2SP 9/18/17.
Please see here for why I’m reposting this.

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