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AN ENTREATY: sing loud for love & life

Hey, lovely friends,

Barbara Lee was the only U.S. representative who voted against a vague Authorization for Use of Military Force immediately following the 9/11/01 attacks.

Lee rightly feared that a “rush to launch precipitous military counterattacks runs too great a risk that more innocent men, women, children will be killed.” The same AUMF, together with the 2002 one targeted specifically at Iraq, has been used for fifteen years and supported U.S. bombing of seven countries to date. With virtually no constraints on how the 2001 AUMF may be used, there’s a very real possibility it will be used to kill and upend more lives than the millions it already has.

Catastrophically, in addition to itself bombing these countries, the U.S. has partnered with human rights travesty Saudi Arabia (to start) to bomb many of them. The Obama administration alone has sold $115 billion in weapons to Saudi Arabia, despite that the Secretary of State is supposed to consider human rights records when weighing whether or not to approve arms sales to any given country.

One-third of Saudi Arabia’s air strike targets in Yemen have been non-military, with approximately 4,000 civilians killed and infrastructure necessary to deliver humanitarian aid crushed. So many Yemeni people have died that the Red Cross has begun donating morgues to hospitals.

The 2001 AUMF authorized the president to “use all necessary and appropriate force against those nations, organizations, or persons he determines planned, authorized, committed, or aided the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001.” Given that Saudi Arabia was home to three-quarters of those who attacked the U.S. on 9/11/01, I believe it is fair to say the AUMF has (1) given enormous, unchecked power to the executive branch while (2) straining credulity that the AUMF continues to be used–if, indeed, it ever was–for its stated purpose.

(If you wondered why President Obama would vow to veto a bill allowing 9/11 victims to Saudi Arabia, it is arguably this: that to do so would prove fatal to a strategic U.S. alliance, no matter how destructive that alliance.)

Please, please consider signing Lee’s petition to revoke both AUMFs, and talking to those you love about doing the same. I know it can feel like there’s little we as individual citizens can do in the face of such enormous tragedy, but our voices matter … never more than when they join together in a resounding chorus of love.

The lives of innocent, impoverished men, women, and children on the other side of the world depend upon your love, and your loving use of your voice.

I beg you to please, please use that voice to call for an end this senseless violence.

With love & thanks,

Note, while I will continue using my politics blog
to address most political topics, I perceive this
as more “life-or-death” than just “politics.”

This was originally an email to friends.

  1. Paul
    September 17, 2016 at 2:46 pm

    Sorry, I’m not American but I do agree with you – the sale of weapons to countries that use them to attack civilian targets is despicable. And the military industrial complex is so rooted in politics that Americans can’t even fight against hand gun producers let alone the makers of the big hardware. Money talks. Hey, wanna buy some missiles? There is no waiting period and they come with a platoon of army engineers to train you how to use them. You can fire them at the Congress and solve your problem. 😀 I’m in Canada NSA – Nah, Nah, Nah!

    • September 17, 2016 at 2:51 pm

      LOL! Thanks for making me laugh at something that’s felt like this enormous weight on my heart for the last month or so. Obviously, all these things were happening before I noticed them, but now that I’ve noticed, I feel compelled to do something … while certain nothing I could do could possibly be enough. I’ll surely try, and keep listening to Rent! Listening to that fills me with hope again every time, even more than Hamilton. (And that’s saying something!)

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