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Is this who I want to be?

My siblings and I endured insult, assault, and predation throughout our impoverished childhood. While many around us judged our mom vocally, barely any offered any support.

We each took enormous loans while working our way through college and grad school. The loans were heinous, to be sure, but not nearly as heinous as poverty that steals all pretense of power.

Now, between my younger sister, my brother, and the brother-in-law who’s endured so much with us that I sometimes forget he didn’t begin with us, we have four advanced degrees and a fifth on the way.

When you call Sanders supporters “ignorant,” “uninformed,” or “privileged,” that’s what you’re calling us.

You sound like our dad.

Don’t take my word for it, though. Read my sister’s aching post on the matter.

And then, the next time you’re poised to type such a slight as if it’s objective truth, please pause and ask yourself:

Is this who I want to be?