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Meet th[is] blogger over at Anxious Mom’s!

This morning, I meant to write a scintillating post pointing you over to my interview at Anxious Mom‘s today.

Thirteen hours of work, commute, and general shuffling later, my six-year-old is hollering his way around the homestead while my toddler chucks trains from his favorite seat on the sofa. My husband is using some of his character voices, which irritate the six-year-old mightily, in order to coerce said six-year-old into completing his homework.

(“I’m talking like this until you finish your homework!”
“I don’t like that tone!”
“That’s not a tone. This is a tone, and I’ll keep using it until you get out of your brother’s stroller!”)

All of this fits in really well with my answer to her book-title question, which you can read over on her blog. When you’re done reading that, please check out her posts, which are a delightful mix of introspection, giggleworthy anecdotes, and nerdiness. (This extended into our email exchange in ways that made make me grin. Yesss!)

I think maybe tonight’s a night where I just say, well, exactly what I’ve already said, and accept absence of scintillatingness. Scintilatosity? While neither of these words are close to right, I think you catch my drift.

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