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Three Things Thursday: Ponies, unicorns, and better things still

Today I am thankful for many things. Among these are the following:

1. My sister, Silver Star, who celebrated her birthday 900 miles away in space and 0 miles away in my heart. Even a couple of my My Little Pony figures adore her enough to join the well wishing!


2. My husband‘s knack for making me laugh. Soon after returning home today, I swapped out my work clothes–of which my husband heartily approved–for jeans and a flannel shirt. I thought he’d sigh about the transformation, but he surprised me by exclaiming delightedly, “Oh, my god! You look Oregon hot.” I started laughing, following which he struck a mock-sexy pose and said, “You’re like a Eugene pinup, just with fewer tattoos.” (He might not be from Oregon, but he’s visited enough to have formed some impressions.) It’s thanks to this same sense of humor that I’ve had his blessing to post images like this:

The unicorn declined to be photographed

The unicorn declined to be photographed

3. My six-year-old and his friends. On Saturday evening, my family pulled into our driveway after an exciting birthday evening with Li’l D’s friends from transitional kindergarten. Even after six months apart, his name was the first tossed out for the party’s invitation list, a fact I didn’t think on much until we all climbed out of the car later. Standing in the driveway, Li’l D looked up at me with such overwhelming warmth that my heart about melted.

On his fifth birthday, I wrote a post of gratitude that he won’t likely know what it’s like to grow up forever one of the odd ones. On Saturday evening, I felt that gratitude redoubled. Scholastics, sports, and superheroes will be but city lights on corners as he walks through life; friends, the brilliant, ever-present lights that illumine nearly every step along the way.


This Three Things Thursday was inspired by Nerd in the Brain’s Three Things post.
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  1. Holly
    February 19, 2016 at 6:01 am

    You and your husband’s interactions crack me up just reading about them. How awesome. And of course, the kids are very awesome too 🙂 ❤

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