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Joyously, chapstick: a sonder file

January 10, 2016

There’s this guy named Matt.

He and my favorite dino, Rarasaur, knew each other well before I knew either of them.

But then, as fate or the heavens or God or happenstance (or all of them put together) would have it, I met Matt and Ra the same day.

That meeting, just a couple of hours for me, changed my life in ways I wouldn’t understand for more than a year, when this tenuous early connection would shine out not as a standalone but a beginning.

But then, why should I tell you more about that–and Matt–here, when you can read all about it over at Ra’s place today?

Please check it out. Read about Ra’s Sonder Files, of which my post is just one small note.

Check out Matt’s blog, if you haven’t already, and remember that,

as far as I am concerned, Ra’s husband Dave is with us

for now and evermore.

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