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Metamorphosis Mondays

November 23, 2015


I’ve written about my mom’s mental illness many times here. Most recently, I posted a series of related excerpts from my journal entries through the years. These culminated with”No longer afraid,” a post expressing the peace of mind I earned by revisiting then through eyes of now.

This morning I’m over on La Sabronosa’s blog, “My Spanglish Familia.” Her blog eases loneliness by its candid, warm address of her life, though its focus is on “Motherhood, Mental Illness, and Metamorphosis.”

When I began my WordPress journey, I only wanted to post when I felt confident I’d found an answer for whatever question I’d had. Now, I find the good’s in sharing where I’m at, no matter how far away answers seem: in embracing the beauty of change in progress. Of metamorphosis.

I’m honored to be part of La Sabronosa’s “Metamorphosis Mondays” Q&A feature this Monday. Please join me there to see light shone in corners I’d never shine it without an invitation.

Metamorphosis Mondays Q&A with Deb The Closet Monster