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10 years ago today

Do you ever get to wondering where–and who–you were this very day on past years? I do.

Lucky for me, I have 19.92 years of blogs to peruse when this wondering strikes me. Unlucky for me, 19.92 years is a lot of time to write things that make current-me cringe and want to reach into the past to whack past-me upside the head.

Reading what I wrote from Japan ten years ago today is utterly perplexing. Today my life is husband and kids and software contracts and long drives and always juggling, juggling, juggling. It’s full and overwhelming and lovelier than anything I ever thought I wanted.

But before? Before, it was … stuff like you’ll see below. I showed it to my husband, who said, “Life is better now!”

I thought he was going to say, “Because you have us!” What he actually said prompted Consternation Face.

Moments like this pass quickly

Look! My Creepy Face!

“Now you get to actually go to wrap parties instead of watching from the sidelines!”

Oh, sweet husband, you missed the point entirely! Yes, life is better now.

But it’s not because of wrap parties or Hollywood, sweet one.

It’s because of you and our wonderful little boys.

Semi-random premiere memories
May 21, 2005

I’ve just put in “Snow Falling on Cedars” and one of the trailers featured Maggie Smith. I suddenly recalled the “Harry Potter” premiere at the Mann Bruin. Several of the people I was standing in the midst of mocked Maggie Smith and Richard Harris for their garb, and I think they genuinely were unaware that the weird attire was because said actors were dressed as their respective movie characters – McGonagall and Dumbledore. The robes weren’t just for the quirky heck of it.

This in turn reminded me of the “Spiderman” premiere. The people around me this time mocked the guy in the goofy green suit. If there had been a desk, I would surely have been hitting my head against it at that moment. I hadn’t followed the trailers, but a quick glance at the movie posters plastered everywhere informed that the villain was the Green Goblin. Played by none other than Willem DaFoe, whose silly suit was not merely a statement of bad taste.

Of course, these were the same people who scared Brad Pitt off when he came over to say hello. Their instant spaz reflex had him backing off fast with a petrified smile.

Michael Rosenbaum – Lex Luthor of “Smallville” – was being entirely ignored at the “Sorority Boys” premiere, so I shouted “Rosey!” a few times in imitation of the bored husbands dragged to “Stars on Ice” (an annual ice hockey benefit) by their fangirl wives. He kept trying to find me and finally asked loudly in frustration, “Who’s SAYING that?!” before coming over and chatting with me. I explained the story with a smile, and after the premiere, made eye contact with him as he was surrounded by a throng of girls. It lingered for a moment and then I left. I don’t actually watch “Smallville” and knew nothing of “Rosey” save that he’s a kick-ass hockey player. Just wanted him not to feel so obviously left-out at the premiere. My roommate at the time, Kitty, who I’d dragged along with me, was extremely tickled by both the encounter and my nonchalance about it.

Sarah went to one premiere with me when she returned from Mexico. I don’t remember which one, but I still remember her crushing grip on my shoulder as David Duchovny walked by. I’m laughing to remember her excitement. I may not remember her reverent words, but the general idea of them will surely never fade from my memory.

Then I kinda stopped going to premieres (with the exception of “Hellboy” ’cause I realized they were lame. But I did have some fun times, and I’m umpteen kinds of pleased to have such times to remember.

  1. May 22, 2015 at 12:38 am

    Ten years ago today, I was a single mum going mental. No different to today, then ? 😉
    M-w-e-e-e-ll, yes and no.
    Back then, I had a smiley 20 months old boy, who loved baked beans, learning cricket and saying no.
    Today, the toddler has turned into a highly strung pre-teen, who watches minecraft videos, is a wicked handball player, and has picked-up on the universal (well, wherever there are doors, I suppose) teenage mood expression of door-slamming. He was also joined 5 and a half years ago by a sister whom he loves to torment, and teach maths to.
    Ten years ago, I was two months away from my PhD viva, and I had just about had enough lab work go hay-wire to wonder whether research was really the career I wanted.
    Today I have accidentally just become the head of a university’s international relations, I know nothing about universities, or international relations, and spend my days comforting a team that’s been through the mills in the last few years.
    Ooh, and I am on the other side of the Channel, surrounded by Europe’s biggest mountains.
    Isn’t life funny ?
    Now, where will we all be in ten years’ time ?

    • May 23, 2015 at 8:54 pm

      It sounds like it’s been an eventful ten years for you! I hope the next ten are the right blend of calm and eventful, with lots of learning and lots of opportunity to apply what’s been learned.

      (My five-year-old has already taken to slamming the doors! Usually it’s only when he’s just awakened and especially surly weekday mornings, but sometimes it shows up other times. I don’t remember doing this until I was at least 10 or 11!)

      • May 25, 2015 at 11:54 pm

        Oh dear, sounds like your five-year old might be early…Or maybe, he’s just not a morning person 😉 ?

  2. May 22, 2015 at 2:35 am

    I went and looked at my journals. Ten years ago today, I was in the islands. Still married though the cracks were showing and I was searching for answers. I was sitting in the hotel room alone while my then husband visited his family.

    • May 23, 2015 at 8:56 pm

      I hope the next ten years are gentler, and more full of much deserved (and expressed) love. I will try doing my part to contribute from here. ♥

  3. May 22, 2015 at 10:48 am

    10 years ago I was in my sophomore year at college and repeatedly telling my parents I did want to get married till after I did my PhD so stop trying to arrange a match fit me already! Now? Now I’m happily married (arranged by my parents as they wanted of course) with a hyperactive 18 month old in the mix but that PhD is still a dream that becomes less likely as the years go by.. We’re never where we thought we’d be in 10 years but that’s not always a bad thing, right?

    • May 23, 2015 at 8:58 pm

      It feels like kinda a great thing for me.

      I think there’s still a chance to make it happen, for you and for me! There was a 60-som’er in law school with me, and word was there’d even been an 80-som’er before. That’s heartening to me as I look at where I think I want to go and how much time it will take to get there. Though I always used to feel the merit was in how quickly I got somewhere, I think now I’ll be glad to get there whenever I finally do. 🙂

      • May 24, 2015 at 7:52 am

        That’s true enough. There was a 60-something grandfather in my class when I did my postgrad so there hope yet for us!

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