Compelled to share

I appreciate each “Like” and cherish each comment, but it’s shares that most entice me.

I don’t share others’ posts as much since I deleted my Facebook account, but I still feel the urge once in a while. In those cases, I send emails or surface briefly on Twitter, share, and disappear again.

What compels me to share a post? It usually touches on something I’ve felt but never found the words for. It makes me ache and question and find answers and feel like I am part of something bigger than my own life.

After posting yesterday’s words of thanks, I got to wondering which of my own posts touched others enough for them to share. I perused the list and was surprised how some posts I didn’t care for were shared oft, whereas others that bared my soul barely registered.

I decided I’d share both the top ten posts I wish had been shared and those that actually were. In order.

If I Could’ve, I’d’ve Magicked Others Into Sharing These

  1. Then I bought de Becker's other books.The Gift of Fear — A book may have saved my sister’s life. I’d like it to save many more.
  2. I Will Teach Him to Roar — My mom taught me to stand up for myself, even against her. I now teach my son as my mom taught me.
  3. Hope, unbound — Practical though I am at the office, I’m an idealist at heart. I seek out hope as often as I remember, having learned its importance thanks to my mom’s life … and her final years.
  4. Who he is meant to be — Letting go of my little ones is hard, but an important part of their becoming everything they’re capable–and desirous–of being.
  5. This sorta fairytale — I wasn’t with my mom when she died. I hated myself for this. Lucky for me, my mom forgave me many years in advance. I would love others to know this grace.
  6. Li’l D’s letter to God — My then four-year-old son asked about death. Unsure how to answer, I faked it as best I could, then helped him write a letter expressing how it made him feel.
  7. What report cards can’t report — My newly five-year-old son is turning into a book learning machine, a new development. Frankly, though I adore his teachers, the “before” was dandy, too.
  8. Breastfeeding, judgment and–finally–joyous mothering — New mom? Expecting mom? Don’t read breastfeeding forums! Just don’t. There’s so much more than feeding to motherhood.
  9. zack bb3Race and the willingness to see, or “Don’t be Bob” — I loved making these images! I hoped bringing a little levity would make more effective my reflections on the subjectivity of human experience.
  10. Just like Mommy taught me! — Do you have to be excited by my kids’ every milestone? No, but it’s reasonable for me to sing the joy of discovery witnessed.

Actually Shared

  1. 4335 – What post is this? Good question. I accidentally deleted it along with a bunch of others.
  2. Who he is meant to be — See above. Synchronicity!
  3. 2408 — I don’t know what post this was, but I bet it was magical.
  4. Fewer goodbyes to childhood cancer, or “My sunshine, my David”  — It’s painful reading about kids with cancer. Even more painful is how little funding goes to curing it.
  5. Weathering it together“Our baby is going to experience racism someday” — My now-husband was right.
  6. Choosing baldness, choosing hope — I decided to shave my head for St. Baldrick’s. See #4 just above.
  7. Ode to Jay — This guest post in my “for this i am thankful” series was written by the blogger whose raw words first opened my eyes to kids cancer.
  8. “How are you raising him?!” — A scary neighbor gave me a great chance to confirm I’m A-OK with how I’m raising my son.
  9. Becoming a superhero — Social media is (probably) forever, but childhood is fleeting.
  10. 2054 — I really wish I knew.

What moves you to share posts?
Which of your own posts do you wish had been more widely shared? Please link up!

  1. October 2, 2014 at 6:49 am

    That’s interesting, I don’t know that I’ve actually looked at what was shared (or even if I know how to look that up!), but I do know that when I see that something was shared, it just warms my heart! I only share when something really touches me – makes me cry or laugh, but I think I should become more generous. I’m going to work on that!

  2. October 2, 2014 at 12:50 pm

    I share post that will bring laughter and the feeling of normalcy to other mamas.

    That’s what I personally need in these “little” years!!

  3. October 2, 2014 at 12:53 pm

    I’m with Kate. How do you know what was shared? My MIL has occasionally shared my posts on Facebook but WordPress doesn’t seem to be aware of it. There’s links to my posts, but most of those have been *me*. 😉 Maybe I’m just too small… lol

  1. August 8, 2015 at 7:59 am

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