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Arms reached out through space and time

September 15, 2014

Two women I admire suffer tonight.

Tori once wrote here about how the darkness in her yesterdays helps her better appreciate the light today. Right now, she can unlikely imagine the possibility of seeing light again.

Humble’s kids went missing one week ago. They’re probably with their non-custodial parent, but I can only imagine that is a “probably” full of what-ifs, worry and the sadness of a hundred kisses missed.

As I think about these remarkable women, I remember one terrible day in college when the hurts of the past came hurtling into the present thanks to an unwelcome visitor at my sister’s workplace. As my future brother in law drove me to a party, I started sobbing at the memories of everything that had been done and everything I couldn’t do.

Nick pulled over the car and held me while I shook with sobs. He spoke soothing, loving words about my sister and me, our amazing love and resilience. As he spoke, I had the sensation he was holding me not only in the present but also in the past. His arms reached through space and time to comfort my younger self in her sorrow. And so it came to be that, when I remembered those horrible things, I continued to feel his arms around me, as if he’d been there whispering all along, you’ll get through this; I’m here with you. Those arms reaching through time and space tempered the bitter loneliness of many past sorrows.

Right now, I would give much to be able to share a little of the distress. I can’t. Grievously, I can’t. But I hopepraywish that, though I cannot extend these arms the way my now brother in law once extended his, the sense of many arms outreached in love will serve–even in fleeting moments–as a tiny flickering reminder of what might yet be.

Please hold out your arms and prayers for Tori.
Please look for Humble’s kids, and share her “missing” poster if you can.
Thank you.

ETA: Humble’s kids are back. So glad.

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