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My brother-in-law, AKA my favoritest future doctor!

I viewed my graduation from the UCLA School of Law ten years ago as a serious and somber occasion, carrying myself with appropriate gravitas.

law grad 1

My brother-in-law was also careful to present his most genteel side. Read more…


A rawr for Rara

With my littlest one on my chest and my iPad in hand, I’d like to tell you a little about a blogger named Rara.

I met her only once. Her candid but peaceable demeanor set even my introverted self at ease. She was who she was, with no need to hide, conceal or filter, and the end result was still beautiful.

Does it look like we're miserable?

Rara in orange

When she mentioned legal troubles, I had no idea that they were still in progress. I had no idea she would soon be in jail, tired of the time, expense and energy involved in fighting bogus charges. Read more…

Our little Dance Party

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Escape from Terror Teacher

I knew something was wrong with my son’s new school the moment I absorbed the incident report.

My initial response was horror. “My sweet, sensitive son did that? What on earth is happening at the school for him to do such a thing?”

Exhausted from tending to his baby brother and in the throes of post partum depression, I focused my chagrin on him. “I am so disappointed in you!” I told him repeatedly as we drove home.

“But he told me I had to!” Read more…

Sorry, kiddo. Lesson learned.

The grace and grief of small moments

Moments after scheduling what will be our first date night since our second son‘s arrival last month, I quipped to my husband, “You know I’m going to be sneaking peeks at my phone every five minutes, right?”

I’d started the statement smiling, but felt a veil of sadness falling over me as I finished it. I’ve gotten bad news in a movie theater once before, in a moment since become connected to so many others.


I originally disliked the surly, cantakerous man who lived next door to my childhood home.

Once, when someone tossed their litter on our lawn, he knocked on the door and fumed at me, “Why can’t you people keep your lawn clean?” Read more…

Enjoy the journey, little one.

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