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Help a pregnant lady out!

September 11, 2013

I’m pregnant. I mentioned this in my last post, but the news was kinda sandwiched in between some other reflections.

take two

I’m also looking for guest posters, due in part to pregnancy-related tiredness. I mentioned the search in my penultimate post, but I think the criteria might have been a wee bit daunting to potential posters. I can’t help it, y’all; after years working in contracts, it’s built into me to be strive for as much clarity as possible as early as possible. Ambiguities now are trouble later, y’hear?

OK, maybe not as much in blogging as in work, but again–it’s ingrained!

If you’re worried I’ll mercilessly reject your soulful reflections, that’s not my intention. I didn’t receive a single FTIAT entry I wasn’t excited to post. Even so, I do need the flexibility to say, “This piece is great, but it might not be a good fit for my blog.”

I encourage you to send in your criteria-compliant stories or your questions. Previous guest bloggers here will tell you I don’t bite, and they won’t say it because I’ve enticed them to do so.

Please, give it some thought and, if you’re game for it, a shot.

This pregnant blogger will be glad for it.