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Rock out with your chalk out

My twentieth birthday was a life-changer.

There were no epiphanies. No sudden, startling events that illuminated just how important the day would prove in the scheme of my life.

There was only a party–a movie party, to be precise. My sister took me to watch (or should I say, ignore?) terrible movies with her large group of nerdtastic, boisterous, crass guy friends. I was shocked and delighted by the guys’ shenanigans, but more so, how completely and immediately they accepted me. I’d never experienced that before, nor anything like it.

By the time I prepared to leave for South Korea a couple years later, I knew the guys. They knew me. They teased me incessantly but lovingly. I was at home with them, so much that I had mostly forgotten what it was like to be an island unto myself.

The photos of my collection are gone, but my good friend Pieter Ponyking permitted me to use this photo to demonstrate (mis)use of other parts of my collection!

Piete Ponyking

The evening of my farewell party, I was presented with a gift: a notebook in which all of my friends, some movie party and some not, had written out their recollections of and wishes for me. Read more…

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