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Tiny sparks

January 4, 2013

If Tori Nelson had never guest posted here, I would still have been delighted to guest post for her today.

But she did guest post here. And she rocked me so deeply with her beautiful words about being grateful for even absence and lack that I feel the ripples of goodness more than a year later.

It’s thus not only a delight but an honor to guest post for her today, and to do so in a way that almost pays homage to her guest post: by sharing one tiny spark that sustained me through dark times. Many sparks have lit my way, including Tori herself, but the flame kindled by this picture burns bright three years after I first found it in my inbox.


Read about it at “Photographs of the Heart

The post might sound sad, but I share it with joy. The thing about loss, after all, is that it is preceded by having . . . a having the goodness of which can never be undone.

I have lost, but I have lost because I have had.

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