Voting for better options

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I’m a U.S. voter who will be voting third party for president this year.

If you, too, are a U.S. voter, you’ve likely heard at least dozens of times how you must vote the lesser of two evils; how anything else is dumb, unethical, or even itself evil. You’ve had a knot in your stomach as people have shouted at you that you must vote, that voting is your civic duty, right before then indicating how you must vote. Read more…

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Trust Me

“Welcome to the team!” your new manager exclaims after HR finishes its work with you.

“Here’s your office, your computer, and information about logging in for–”

“Oh, no,” you interrupt. “I have my own computing environment and email already set up. I’ll just use those.”

Read more…

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Second grade

“I’m nervous,” confessed my six-year-old, Li’l D, from our car’s back seat.

As we drove toward his school, my husband and I talked to him about his nerves.

We asked, we explained, we reassured.

Li’l D grew increasingly agitated as we neared his school, but didn’t seem to be agitated about school itself.

“Oh! Is this one of those times you want us to stop reassuring you and just listen?” I asked him.

“Yes, please,” he replied.

“Okay. We hear you, we understand you, and we have total confidence in you,” I told him. Anthony nodded agreement as he navigated traffic near the school.

“Thanks,” murmured Li’l D from the back seat.

As I watched him interact with his friends and new teacher minutes later, I couldn’t help smiling.

He’ll be just fine in second grade.

A bike, a boy, and a heart-calendar

“I took off his training wheels,” my husband, Anthony, said from the other end of the phone line. “He’s doing great!”

He kept talking, but I didn’t track what he was saying. My work desk and computer fell away as I pictured the tiny baby my heart told me I just brought home sometime around yesterday.

I thought, stricken, how I wished I’d been there for my baby’s first wobbly training wheel-less jaunts. How it wasn’t time yet. He just learned to walk last week! Didn’t he?

The moment we saw each other after I got home from work, Li’l D’s experiences riding his bike like a big boy tumbled out his mouth in an almost coherent rush. Their core was: Could I watch him ride? Could I, could I? Read more…

Peopling a little better!

dino bracelet pinWhen Ra and I had coffee a couple weeks ago, she mentioned that Green Embers would be helping her produce a spiffy new vlog. (I’m pretty sure she didn’t actually use the word “spiffy,” but that was the gist of it!)

As expected, Ra did marvelous work breaking down some difficult, charged subjects in friendly, easy to understand*, totally non-threatening ways. That’s a virtual miracle with topics like shame, discrimination, prejudice, and privilege, where it’s often hard not to instantly feel wary and exhausted just hearing the words.

Those words + Ra + spoons = totally approachable = yay.

Ra introduces the vlog as being about “kindness and people and how to people a little better.” I’d say that’s spot on.

* The fact that Littler J’s entire review was, “Could I get a green spoon?” is a better reflection of the fact he’s two than of the video.:)

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Prescribing Joy: Gardening hopes and dreams

Heart and Soul posts pictures and images that remind me it’s not only okay but vital to sink into sweet things, instead of letting them fly by unnoticed. Today’s post is no exception, and I’m delighted to share her uplifting words here.

prescribing joy

Gardening hopes and dreams

To feel immense joy a person must be ready for it. Open your heart to small moments. It’s living without blinders on but with a conscious awareness of joy. When you welcome anything that could make life better, a friend’s hug, a thoughtful compliment, a shared smile, a sunset for your viewing, I believe that’s your joy.

Joy means to me…

small moments that may seem insignificant to others but mean the world to me!

Joy means to me…

a quiet moment walking my yard and thanking God for its peace.

The incredible feeling I get when baking for my family and seeing their contentment when biting into a dessert.

Having my morning cup of coffee in peace, while watching flowers adorn our yard, outside my window and through the open screen smelling their very essence.

Picking weeds and digging in soil that a farmer did the very same thing in the early 1900’s, our gardening hopes and dreams the same, all except a passage of time of over a century.

Digging in the soil with high hopes of cultivating food for our family. Food that I know where it comes from and it’s as organic as you can get.

Quietly watching a graceful deer cautiously cross the road, skirting the edge of our running pond. The joy of wildlife surrounding our little abode and the expectations of many more sudden visits.

Seeing people from the past come out of the woodwork and all at the same grocery store. Being outgoing around old acquaintances and connecting once again.

Feeling the social connection that summer brings because warm weather brings everyone out and about.

A walk on the beach gazing at a vast ocean of beauty. Smelling the salty and fishy air while digging my bare toes in the scorching sand.

Listening and and dancing to music at an exciting concert. Seeing flashy colorful lights and appreciating music and it how it affects my soul!

Being with my family and talking, especially laughing! This is so good for the soul!

All my different experiences, the sources of my joy, all have a common factor. They are simple moments, mostly indulging in nature and simplicity. If you don’t know what brings you joy, pay attention. Write down things that make you happy or cause you to laugh deep in your belly. Notice these special people, things or places that cause you to feel joy. Once you know what they are, hold on to them with all your might. Make every effort to experience these joyful moments every single day!

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For the people

A single word changed my presidential vote.

On August 4, 2016, U.S. president Barack Obama addressed Republican nominee Donald Trump’s cautions about potentially rigged elections as “ridiculous.”

Before he said this, I’d only barely persuaded myself to vote for the Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton. I did so with grave reservations, having exited the party June 10, 2016, disgusted with how the purportedly neutral DNC appeared to have favored Clinton over contender Bernie Sanders.

My impressions were confirmed when WikiLeaks dropped a portion of the DNC emails leaked to it in late June. ( posted 22 of the “most damaging emails” here. Latinx voters were “taco bowl” voters, and Sanders a potential atheist whose affiliations they figured they could spin to perturb some voters for a “several points” difference.) WikiLeaks promised more emails were on the way, but wanted to arrange their timing and grouping for maximum impact.

I was left with the troubling question: If the DNC had already decided on “their” candidate apart from the people they’re supposed to represent, how can they really represent the people? More to the point, who do they actually represent? Read more…

lily-white eugene, oregon

my family and i
paid for our hotel room
in usually lily-white eugene, oregon
before we were actually able
to enter said room


we all
went for a walk
while waiting
for our room
to open

almost immediately,
we crossed paths
with a white
with horror
upon my black husband Read more…


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