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Home was in the car

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Lost Tree, Found Girl

rache me mid-80sMy younger sister’s poem “Lost Tree, Found Girl” sent my mind and heart spinning today.

I spun through time and space, until I was sitting with my still-little sister in the lowest branches of my favorite. To her older and still quiet, black-adorned high school self. To Cambridge scholar. To mom, neither little or especially quiet; though she still favors contemplation, she’s ready and willing to roar whenever–and at whomever–deserves it.

Her heart has always had a special place in my own. Today, remembering the two of us sitting up in that tree, I was more glad to have had that tree-time than sad it’s over. I was so glad, in fact, that I recorded a vlog to sing you all about it.

I no longer sit in the tree, but I can still sit with the girl.

That’s worth another song, if I ever get ’round to writing songs again.*

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Another sibling WordPressified!

My younger sister, aka “Silver Star,” has just migrated her blog to WordPress. My youngest sister has been here for a while, which means all my mom’s daughters have blogs here. If we could just get our brother here, we’d have the full crew!

wp family chart

Unfortunately, my brother feels about writing like he felt about my taking this picture of him many years ago. Read more…

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Once Sisters, now sisters

Sometimes it’s easy to miss the glory in small moments.

This afternoon, I saw one such moment for what it really was: the culmination of millions of choices made in very particular order to bring a tiny band of people together beneath the Los Angeles sun.

sparkly auntie

For one the two people pictured here, some of those choices included: Read more…

Little departure, big arrival

“I love you!” I shouted to my younger brother as he walked toward the airport a couple of hours ago. “Thanks for being such a great uncle!”

He smiled awkwardly and waved once more before disappearing into the airport. I teared up as I pulled away, wishing I could have him closer a little while longer. Three days wasn’t enough.

And yet, three days were huge. For three days, Big D’s presence made home feel a little closer to and post partum depression feel a little further from me. Read more…

Guest blogging, sisters blogging and other bloggy stuff

Want to guest blog here, or find my youngest sister’s blog? Curious why I’m liking a lot of posts but not commenting much? Read on!

graduation 3Interested in guest blogging? Several months back, I optimistically set out to start a new guest blog series . . . just before I got married. I was able to give that about 48 minutes of my attention at the time, so I’m giving it a second shot now. If you’re interested, please see here for details. The only change is that the updated send-by date is February 11, 2014.

Both my sisters are blogging now! As you know, Silver Star has been blogging for a couple of years. My youngest sister stuck to commenting on our blogs until a couple of weeks ago, when I suggested she might enjoy having her own blog. She started hers the same day, and I didn’t even have to entice her!

I “Like” because I care. I used to try commenting on every post I enjoyed. Read more…

My Sister, My Silver Star

My sister celebrated her ten-year wedding anniversary two weeks ago. I wrote about that here, but neglected to mention one important thing: that she and her husband would be celebrating it with me.

family walk

After a family walk, they left their daughter with me and enjoyed a couple of beers at a local beer house. My sister, unused to drinking, was plastered after only a couple of beers. Her messages to that effect were adorable.

The weekend flew. We managed neither our planned trip to Disneyland nor an outing to a bridal boutique to shop for dresses, yet not all was a wash. Knowing my sister, brother-in-law and niece were all just a room away made for much sounder than usual sleep. Listening to my son attempt negotiations with his younger cousin made me chuckle:  “You have to be quiet, A. That’s the deal! That’s how you get to sleep in my room. That’s the deal!” A trip to the ocean made me feel my mom was especially close, for even our junker cars could usually make it to the Oregon coast on a pocketful of change.

The weekend after my sister left, our dear, mutual friend Sarah came to visit. My fiancee and Sarah’s husband, whom both Silver Star Rache and I consider our non-biological brother, agreed to watch our kiddos so Sarah and I could go bridal dress shopping. Read more…


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