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I Am Thankful

I don’t care for the origins of Thanksgiving, but I do care about giving thanks.

My thanksgiving has little to do with any national history and everything to do with thanks.

Tomorrow as I eat a small, turkey-free meal with my husband and sons, I will be thankful.

I am thankful.

I am thankful for this reminder to be thankful, and to reflect upon the many sources of my gratitude. Life gets so hectic, I sometimes need to be reminded to pause and take it all in. Read more…

This introvert’s bubble

I am an introvert.

If you were to ask Lord Google to define “introvert,” he’d tell you that means I’m “a shy, reticent person.” If you know me in person, chances are you’re laughing now. Shy? Ha! Reticent? Um, how do we get you to stop telling us exactly how you feel?!

I’d kindly ask that you not defer to deluded Lord Google here, and instead point you to the best succinct definition I can find: Urban Dictionary’s, which describes an introvert as a person “who is energized by spending time alone. Often found in their homes, libraries, quiet parks that not many people know about, or other secluded places, introverts like to think and be alone.”

Now there’s a spot-on definition! (If you’re interested in reading something a little longer and much more illuminating, this article is amazing.)

During my college years, I was lucky to be absorbed into a group of my sister Rache‘s friends who thought it was perfectly natural I’d show up at their parties only to fall asleep in the corner. They’d tease me playfully and with great love about it, all the while clearly recognizing–without my ever needing to describe myself as an introvert, or explain why I didn’t want to actually interact–that my craving contact without conversation was part of who I was. I was at home in the expansiveness of their undemanding, loving acceptance. Read more…


i had lunch
with a friend
who began as
a colleague

as we parted
ways today,
with two hugs
(one, in case
it’s another year
before we meet again,
and another in
for the daughter
he’ll soon meet),
i remembered
a post I meant to write
two years ago
after he told me
about his wife’s
getting insurance
companies to cover
adequate prosthetics

and about how
she wept with joy
and something
much bigger, and
more indescribable
(at least, in a crappy
blog poem), when
she watched the
end of how to train your dragon Read more…

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Wearing experiences

I like getting rid of stuff.

Recently, I realized I’ve pared my t-shirt drawer down as far as I can.

What’s left are shirts that are more than shirts to me: They’re reminders of bygone experiences, and who I was when I had them.

tshirt spread

My mom sent me the Ducks sweatshirt my first year of law school. She’d picked it up from a garage sale, like she did most the owls she sent me. She didn’t want me to forget where I came from. Or her. Read more…

Weekend Coffee Share: Caught up in now

If we were meeting for drinks, I’d tell you over sparkling water that I don’t have much new to say.

I already wrote about having lost my fear. And I told you–granted, in a post, but you’ve told me you read those–about my son’s sixth birthday party.

What I can tell you above and beyond that is how surprisingly exhausted I am today. Half the people attending yesterday’s party were friends and parents from Li’l D’s new school, which made it hard to feel at ease for at least the first hour. My very first interaction was with another mother telling me she doesn’t believe in spoiling kids. She eyeballed the bounce house we’d rented as she said this, her implications hanging heavy in the air between us. Read more…

One very happy Tribus

Another day,
I might choose
three very different things
meaningful and moving to me.

my older son
held his sixth birthday party.
So, today, these are three things
so prominent in my heart
it’s impossible to think
much beyond them.

why would I want to?


My senior year of college, I took a stress relief seminar for upper level credit. I didn’t expect to get anything more than credit from it.

I smirked when the instructor said rainbows and bubbles both ease stress. Sure they do! But when she brought out bubbles and rainbow pictures, I realized she was right. I was absorbed completely by rainbows and especially bubbles, which shine rainbow colors in the right light.

I watched bubbles drifting through the air today and felt that calm rippling through me. I watched my toddler, Littler J, try to catch bubbles Ra blew and thought how perfect life is made by seemingly simple things. Read more…

Weekend Coffee Share: Rekindling a connection

If we were having coffee right now, I’d sip sparkling water while explaining that I’m still wide awake because I had a cup of coffee today. It ended up being a good thing, too, though I’d dare not have more so late in the evening!

I’d ask you where you’re at today and what’s kept you busy the last week. I’d ask if there’s anything on your mind about the week to come.

I talked nonstop last time, so it’s only fair for me to listen first.

At my turn to spill the not-coffee beans, I’d tell you how Monday through Thursday blend together for me these days. It’s rushing and driving and work and driving and rushing.

What did I do these days, last week or any week? I couldn’t tell you, save that this Thursday evening my husband and I watched the surprisingly scary flick Unfriended.

But, wait. Why’s Friday different?, you might ask. Read more…


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