Compelled to share

I appreciate each “Like” and cherish each comment, but it’s shares that most entice me.

I don’t share others’ posts as much since I deleted my Facebook account, but I still feel the urge once in a while. In those cases, I send emails or surface briefly on Twitter, share, and disappear again.

What compels me to share a post? It usually touches on something I’ve felt but never found the words for. It makes me ache and question and find answers and feel like I am part of something bigger than my own life.

After posting yesterday’s words of thanks, I got to wondering which of my own posts touched others enough for them to share. I perused the list and was surprised how some posts I didn’t care for were shared oft, whereas others that bared my soul barely registered.

I decided I’d share both the top ten posts I wish had been shared and those that actually were. In order.

If I Could’ve, I’d’ve Magicked Others Into Sharing These Read more…

Thanks for you

I once wrote that having a blog is like being the poorly paid CEO of a company of one.

The last week has been pretty rough on me, even with the weekend’s festivities.

Today, I take comfort in the courage I have gained by making the decisions I do here. And, more than that, I take joy in the knowledge that y’all who come back time and again support me, even if you don’t agree with my every decision.

That is a wellspring of strength for me, and for that–for you–I am thankful.

The odd ones

Five years of (not so little) Li’l D

Five years ago a handful of hours from now, I held my newborn baby in my arms and felt the wonder of loving someone so new so immensely.

thank you, Li'l D, for making a mom of me

I’ve watched that tiny baby grow into a little boy, my Li’l D, first smiling, than laughing, then toddling, then running, and now capable of so much I can barely believe it. Didn’t I just bring him home from the hospital?

For almost exactly five years now, I have
fed him
bathed him
changed his diapers
changed his clothing
wept to see my dying mom hold him
walked with him
run with him
let him go
welcomed him back Read more…

This moment

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That moment, the end

That moment
when he smiles,
looks you in the eye,
(with a straight face)
tells you who you are

That moment
when he mistakes
how much you care
what he does
does not

That moment
when you
tell him, but
to smile back

(Your words
will not be heard;
best to preserve
for those
to hear them)

That moment,
the end;
the beginning
of something

Call me Deborah?

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